Overwhelming—if there was a word to describe the feeling of being at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con that is it. We came with a mission: to let as many people as we could know about Vampirella Revelations, Vampi’s return to comics this fall.

Let Vampirella do the talking for you! Many cards to choose from.

"The Pack" is unlike anything I've ever written,” Faerber says. ”It's an odd mix of horror and crime, and features Vampirella taking on a pack of werewolves who are making life hell for campers in the Pacific Northwest.

Hot off her critically acclaimed turn on the highly successful The Pro, Amanda Conner returns to familiar territory of comics by joining the monthly VAMPIRELLA book as new regular cover artist beginning with issue #15.

It’s all about the fans. We chatted and sold and talked up and explained, and we loved it. It’s about all of you and that’s why we go year after year.

It’s been a week and we’re starting to get psyched for upcoming shows but we wanted to take the time to talk about Philadelphia. The fans sure proved it truly is the city of brotherly love!

Winner of the 2001 Vampirella Model Search contest, Maria Di Angelis has rapidly become one of the top Vampirella models of all time.Click the image for links to all things Maria.

If you’ve ever wondered what the mysterious word “eBay” is on the site, but have never taken the plunge, then you are seriously missing out. eBay is quite simply the first and best auction site on the web. You can bid on everything from antiques to pajamas to zippers, but best of all, it’s an outstanding place to find Vampirella items!


Who is Vampirella?
Vampirella is a sexy female vampire born on Drakulon. In this dark realm of Hell, blood flowed like water in huge rivers and Vampirella depended on this blood for sustenance. When Vampi came to Earth, she was forced to drink the blood of humans to survive...MORE
  Vampirella - The Costume Conundrum by Mike Grace
One of the things that has always astounded me regarding Vampirella's world is the way her supporting characters seem to ignore the fact she is wearing virtually nothing! MORE


Harris Comics is proud to announce that the Vampirella Action Figure is available now!

Sculpted by Clay Moore of Moore Action Collectibles, this stunning figure perfectly captures the beauty and sensuality of the Vampirella character. Click the link below to go 360 degrees around this stunning figure. OR go to the store and get it while supplies last.

      Making of a Cover
VAMPIRELLA Monthly #24
The cover begins with a quick design sketch by Amanda....
Death Valley Preview
By now you have witnessed the shocking conclusion of Vampirella / Lady Death: The Revenge: Brutally stabbed by Lady Death with the Spear of Destiny, Vampirella's soul has been cast into the Nexus of All Things...
  Meet Monte Moore
Monte Moore is the latest talented artist to have his work grace the covers of VAMPIRELLA. Join us for this exclusive Vampirella.com Q&A as we learn more about this mysterious new talent...

Interview with a Vampire Writer: David Conway
Who would win in a fight? Josie and the Pussycats or Pantha?
Are you kidding? Pantha, no sweat—Josie and the Pussycats are in a band, for God's sake! Take it from one who knows...

Vampirella / Lady Death II
Bring in the new millennium with the most anticipated rematch in comics history when Vampirella and Lady Death face off once more! Their last battle ended in a stalemate...this time a major character will die in the conflict...
Julie Strain Covers Vampirella (Vampirella Photos!)
Scream Queen Supreme Julie Strain will grace the covers to Vampirella #21 & 22 this November, posing in the classic Vampirella costume! These incredible photos will be offered as the regular covers to these two issues, making them sure to fly off the racks at incredible speed...
Wizard World Chicago 99 Convention Report (Pantha Photos!)
Last week the Harris Comics crew attended the blockbuster 1999 Wizard World Con in Chicago! In addition to meeting the Vampi artists & writers, and getting a sneak peek at upcoming Vampirella books, lucky fans also got to hang out with the stunning new Pantha model...

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