Jay Faerber and Matthew Clark Get Wild With Vampirella
Beginning in VAMPIRELLA #15, Vampirella faces a foe that’s a bit more than meets the eye.

“The Pack,” a four-issue story arc, dwells on the supernatural and takes Vampirella on a twisting ride cross country.

Art is a penciled page from VAMPIRELLA #15. Inker Ron Randall (The Crusades) finishes off the art team. The issue is scheduled for a November 2002 release. (click art for a larger view)

Jay Faerber, writer of the acclaimed Noble Causes, and penciler Matthew Clark, who most recently illustrated Greg Rucka’s Felon, join together to have Vampirella investigate a series of murders in the Pacific Northwest. She finds herself on the wrong end of the law, but is able to pull in an ally. Discovering a frightening truth, Vampirella heads east, and tracks this new horror through the New York City subway.

"The Pack" is unlike anything I've ever written,” Faerber says. ”It's an odd mix of horror and crime, and features Vampirella taking on a pack of werewolves who are making life hell for campers in the Pacific Northwest. Helping (or hindering, depending on your point of view) Vampirella is a sly police detective who doesn't realize the true nature of the killings he's investigating.”

“Jay’s story is faboo,” Clark says. “It takes place not to far from me, so when I read the scripts I knew the area well. Hell, I think I've camped there a few times myself and hopefully it comes through. It’s well crafted with all the right beats. It’s a rich setting, and a wide variety of people and places. We have bikers, werewolves, hikers, a young couple in love, cops and park rangers, real people doing real things... oh yeah, and a hot babe in a bikini"

About his co-conspirator, Faerber notes, “Matthew Clark is doing some of the best work of his career on this book, and he's so gung-ho about it, he cancelled his plans to attend the San Diego Comic Con so he could stay home and draw. And he was ahead of schedule!”

Clark expounds on working on the vicious Vampi. “Gods and monsters, criminals and cops, now I'm adding Vampirella, babe fighting in a bikini. What’s not to love. Really. I'm getting to draw the original slayer of vampires. Each project I've been blessed with drawing something completely different. It help keep the art fresh, keeps me on my toes. Vampirella walks and talks with meaning. She commands the story, she’s a force of nature. There’s a certain appeal she has that no other character has, determination, with just a smige of cheese. I think of old Hammer films when working on her. I hope I'm doing her justice.”

VAMPIRELLA #15-18 hosts covers by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, with alternate covers by Tony Harris, Karl Waller, Matthew Clark and Nelson DeCastro.


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