Vampirella's Index of Photos!!

Arban Ornelas in more of her stunning debut!
Previously unpublished photos of Arban's debut at the 2000 San Diego Comic convention.
“The new Vampirella Maria Di Angelis is the best thing since the creation of the earth. We met her at Wizard World, and she is not only beautiful, but incredibly intelligent. Thank you Harris — The line to see her was worth every minute of our time!” — Tav, Vampirella fan

Good things come in small packages, which is definitely true for Masuimi Max! Introduced to Vampirella fans in the pages of the Vampirella Presents Julie Strain Special, this petite package of fire-breathing beauty currently makes her home at the Clubhouse, located in Dallas, Texas. At this legendary nightclub, Ms. Max stars as a featured attraction, regularly performing her erotic fire-breathing act that has spellbound spectators exploding like firecrackers!

Want to know the secret on how to get tons of beautiful women to strip down to their bikini and lingerie for you? Do what we did and offer them the chance to become the next Vampirella spokesmodel!

Julie Strain Special
A stunning beauty at over six feet, she’s the most popular Vampirella model since Barbara Leigh. Her sizzling hot photo covers have sold out instantly and her convention appearances draw lines three hundred fans deep. This fall, all the secret of this fabulous Vampirella model are revealed as Harris Comics presents: the Julie Strain Special #1

Leslie Culton
In 1998, model Leslie Culton appeared as Vampirella at the Wizard World Chicago Con. With a custom-designed costume, an incredible body to fill it and a sultry smile, Leslie quickly became the talk of the entire show. Enormous crowds quickly formed just to take a pic. of this sizzling Vampirella model!
Arban Ornelas
Visitors to the 2000 San Diego Comic Convention caught a real treat at the Harris Comics booth — the simply gorgeous Vampirella model!5 photos in her stunning debut...

More Leslie Culton
Superfan turned supermodel!
" When Leslie Culton showed up as Vampirella at the Harris booth, I was blown away---it was like this stunning creature had been created from my dreams...
Sascha Knopf
A Vampirella fan recently reminisced on the message board about meeting Sascha Knopf, the legendary Vampirella Strikes model.

More of the sizzling Pantha Model!
To commemorate Pantha's appearance in the Vampirella : Death Valley story arc, we proudly present these never before seen photos of the sizzling Pantha Model! Ok, ok, we admit it. Pantha is only on a few pages of the new issue of Vampirella. But do we REALLY need a reason to show off this stunning beauty?!

Julie Strain Covers Vampirella

Scream Queen Supreme Julie Strain will grace the covers to Vampirella #21 & 22 this November, posing in the classic Vampirella costume! These incredible photos will be offered as the regular covers to these two issues, making them sure to fly off the racks at incredible speed...
Wizard World Chicago 99 Convention Report
(Pantha Photos!)
Last week the Harris Comics crew attended the blockbuster 1999 Wizard World Con in Chicago! In addition to meeting the Vampi artists & writers, and getting a sneak peek at upcoming Vampirella books, lucky fans also got to hang out with the stunning new Pantha model...
Julie Strain

Photos of the Month.
Check out these sizzling hot unpublished photos of PANTHA!

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