A Vampirella fan recently reminisced on the Vampirella.com message board about meeting Sascha Knopf, the legendary Vampirella Strikes model:

"I attended the Heros Comic Convention in Charlotte in 1995 with my son (who was 13 years old at the time). We met Sascha Knopf, the new model for Vampirella there, and I was wondering if she did any promo pics or if there is any news on her. She was very nice and I think she was, without a doubt, the top model in the series! Is there any info available for her--we didn't even get an autograph!"

Recently, Vampirella Scarlet Legion prez Sean Fernald caught up with this Vampirella model alumnus and found out what she's up to now. Sascha's currently living in California, acting in a number of blockbuster feature films soon to be released worldwide! Interested fans of Sascha can check out the entire interview with this stunning beauty exclusively in the pages of the Vampirella Scarlet Legion newsletter. The Legion newsletter is only available to fan club members, so if you're not yet joined up, this is a great reason to!

The Scarlet Legion newsletter also features a selection of unpublished pics of Sascha as Vampirella — here's a vampirella.com sneak peek of the luscious pics !

Julie Strain as Vampirella

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