« This is a reproduction of the ad that appeared in Diamond Comics Previews, October shipping books. Click on cover to see a larger image, or click here to download a PDF version for printing out. « This is a reproduction of the Diamond Dateline information card that was sent out to retailers on August 20. Click on the cover to see the full three page spread.
« FrankMob/Vamp cover
The alternate cover availabe for issue #1 by Mark Wheatley. The first issue will also feature an interview with Wheatley about his new Image book, "Frankenstein Mobster." Click on the cover for a larger version.
« Lieber story
This is the story that kicks everything off right in issue #1. A 10-page, black & white story by the Eisner Award winning creator Steve Lieber. With a classic Vampirella feel and a decidedly modern twist, "The Killing Floor" is both creepy and smooth.

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