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Good things come in small packages, which is definitely true for Masuimi Max! Introduced to Vampirella fans in the pages of the Vampirella Presents Julie Strain Special, this petite package of fire-breathing beauty currently makes her home at the Clubhouse, located in Dallas, Texas. At this legendary nightclub, Ms. Max stars as a featured attraction, regularly performing her erotic fire-breathing act that has spellbound spectators exploding like firecrackers!

In 2000, Julie Strain invited Masuimi to her California mansion to give modeling the classic red costume a try, in a series of photos taken by Strain herself. Masuimi’s unique combination of youthful innocence and sly sensuality created a set of pics that simply set the Julie Strain Special ablaze! This historical photo session firmly set Masuimi’s place for all time in the pantheon of memorable Vampirella models.

Read on to learn a bit more about this intriguing ingenue, as we reveal some new never-before-seen photos. But be sure to keep an icepack nearby while viewing these "Max-imum Temperature" pics of Masuimi —we can’t be responsible for any burns that may occur!

Vampirella.com: How did you first get into the performing / modeling biz?

Masuimi Max: I started modeling and performing in Vegas when I was 18. I love the spotlight!

V.com: What attracted you to becoming a fire breather, a model, and a contortionist - the whole "performer" life in general?

MM: I am an exhibitionist. A friend of mine in Vegas taught me fire eating, the rest I learned mostly on my own. Performing gives me a natural high.

V.Com: You were invited by Julie to pose for her Vampirella Julie Strain Special. How did you hook up with Julie originally?

MM: We met while modeling together for a clothing company in Los Angeles, for a publication called the Collante catalogue.

V.Com: Were you familiar with the Vampirella character already?

MM: Yes, Vampirella is an icon — how could you not be familiar with her?!

V.Com: How would you describe Julie Strain as a photographer?

MM: In one word, exquisite.

V.Com: A large part of the mystique of Vampirella is how she combines playful innocence with an erotic sensuality. How did you capture this essence so superbly when you were taking photos as Vampirella?

MM: I definitely do not take myself seriously when taking photos! Sometimes when I perform, I do, but that’s only so I don't burn myself too badly! And I have to say, as a person I am very playful!

V.Com: How did you feel when you first saw that copy of Vampirella Present Julie Strain with your photos published inside?

MM: I was pleasantly astonished!

V.Com: What is your favorite outfit or type of clothes to model? (besides the Vampirella costume of course!)

MM: I love latex clothing, which I model a lot of in London. You can see some examples on my own web site.

V.Com: Where can fans of Masuimi Max find out more about you?

MM: Interested fans can see a lot more of me on www.masuimi.com! Check it out now — I’m continually working on my site!

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