Amanda Conner Returns Upfront

Hot off her critically acclaimed turn on the highly successful The Pro, Amanda Conner returns to familiar territory of comics by joining the monthly VAMPIRELLA book as new regular cover artist beginning with issue #15.

Conner’s association with the title character goes back into the late 1990s when she illustrated, along with her regular inker Jimmy Palmiotti, a series of stories written by the likes of Warren Ellis (VAMPIRELLA LIVES), X-Men’s Grant Morrison and Mark Millar (VAMPIRELLA: ASCENDING EVIL) and Buffy’s Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski (VAMPIRELLA: DEATH AND DESTRUCTION).

“It’s a pleasure to have Amanda back to being associated with Vampirella,” said editor Maureen McTigue. “Her artistic style can match and bring forth the sexiness, humor, horror, or kinetic action that turns up in the book.”
Conner’s covers will be the regular version of each book. The monthly title will continue to have limited alternate covers by a variety of artists.

VAMPIRELLA#15 begins a new four-part story arc, “The Pack,” written by Jay Faerber (Nobel Causes) and illustrated by Matthew Clark (Felon) and Ron Randall (The Crusades). Alternate cover artist are Tony Harris (#15), Karl Waller (#16), Matthew Clark (#17), and Nelson DeCastro (#18). VAMPIRELLA retails for $2.99.

The accompanying artwork is the cover to VAMPIRELLA #16. Click on cover for a larger image


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