Vampirella returns this September with 25 cent Vampirella:
Revelations #0!

Harris Comics is set to bring Vampirella back to the forefront of comics with Vampirella: Revelations #0 (solicited in July Previews under JUL052593 E). This specially priced 25-cent issue serves as the perfect jumping on point for the epic maxiseries that redefines Vampirella for a new generation while paying tribute to her past.

 “We wouldn’t make this sort of investment if we didn’t believe in the series,” says Editorial Director Bon Alimagno. “It’s an event Vampi fans will be talking about for years and we wanted everyone to have the opportunity to be a part of it.”

The series is uniquely formatted: four writers will each write a different arc, each arc flowing into the next. They can be read independently but together will form a multifaceted look at Vampi’s character and universe.

The first arc tackles Vampirella’s origin, which over the years has become confused and convoluted. Mike Carey (Lucifer, Hellblazer) untangles the threads, revealing forbidden secrets that force Vampirella to questions who she is. These questions follow her throughout the rest of the maxiseries, as she confronts forgotten enemies and reunites with old friends. The stellar art team of Mike Lilly (Nightwing) and Bob Almond (Black Panther) bring Carey’s story to life.

It all begins in Revelations #0: Somewhere there’s a bar where vampires gather to swap war stories and tall tales over pints of blood. One story however holds their attention more than any other: Vampirella. Is she just a twisted fantasy? Is she an urban legend demons tell to frighten one another? Or is she something more than any of them could possibly understand? Starting this night, all will be revealed.

The issue also features a gorgeous all-new cover by comic legend Joe Jusko. A Vampirella: Revelations #0 Museum Edition (JUL052594 J) featuring Jusko’s art, the rarest version of this comic, will be available to retailers for every 750 copies of the regular edition they order.



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