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Vampirella.com recently asked aspiring artists to submit their best Vampirella illustrations. We never expected to receive such an overwhelming response! Over 100 entries came to us from places as far as Australia, Egypt, Japan and Brazil, plus we received a healthy crop of home-grown American talent!

After looking over all the entries, VAMPI artist Kevin Lau chose his three top favorites, then we put that trio of finalists to a final vote by you, the Vampirella.com viewer! The voting went down right to the wire, but in the end you chose Steve Ferris as the winner.

We promised to profile the winner right here. So after his stunning victory, we tracked Steve down and got the lowdown on this up-and-coming talent:

Vampirella.com: How long have you been working as an artist?

Steve Ferris: Since 1982. That’s nearly 20 years — longer than some fans have been alive!

V.com: When did you create the winning Vampirella piece and
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what was your inspiration to illustrate Vampirella?

SF: This piece was originally intended to actually be Nightwing!
I had it with me when I visited the legendary Frank Frazetta in August 2000. He commented that it would made a great Vampirella so I came home and reworked it. I am very glad I did.

V.com: What past Vampirella artists would you say are your favorites?

SF: José Gonzalez, Rudy Nebres, Jim Silke, and of course, Frank Frazetta

V.com: How did you feel to know that in this art contest, it was the fans themselves who choose you as the winner?

SF: That itself is the best part. It is a wonderful feeling, especially since all the entries were good.

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V.com What is your favorite type of illustration (realistic, superhero, fantasy, etc), and why?

SF: I like all genres. If the concept of an illustration is good, then I will like it. I especially love well designed action, and artists that can draw figures well stand out to me.

V.com. How can fans contact you and see more of your artwork?

SF: Go to www.epilogue.net or www.portfolios.com/SFerris for now. Soon they will see more of me at: www.monsters-maidens.com. Any interested fans can certainly email me at sferris@notes.cc.sunysb.edu

V.Com: Finally, what can Steve Ferris fans look forward to?

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SF: I am doing a 64 page book for SQP, available next year. And hopefully, more Vampirella illustrations!

*Hey Artists*

Think you've got what it takes to become the next artist profiled here on Vampirella.com? Prove it! We're always looking for great artwork to profile right here.

Give your best shot at creating your sexiest “Summer-time” themed Vampirella or VAMPI illustration! Your work can be in any medium—pencils, watercolor, colored pencils, crayons, you name it! It just has to be good!

We'll pick the very best work to showcase right here on Vampirella.com! The best entry will also receive an original sketch by one of the pro Vampirella artists!

email your entries as gif's or jpeg's to comics@harris-pub.com

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