Vampirella's costume has been the subject of controversy outside of the printed pages of her comic. As the story goes, Vampirella's costume was originally designed back in 1969 by both Trina Robbins and Frank Frazetta, yet only Frazetta is often given the sole credit for the creation. Her costume has been wrongfully cited by some self-elected moralists as another sign of the decadence and moral decline of both comics and society at times. Even worse, Vampirella is often unfairly blamed for sparking the whole "bad girl" movement of the early 1990s, characterized by exploitative stories and pandering artwork, simply because her costume is the skimpiest of them all! Throughout her entire history, Vampirella has retained an innocence and sweetness that prevents her costume's scanty coverage from causing her comic appearance to be labeled as pure exploitation. Other books feature a female lead character in fairly limited attire, but they tend to lack any semblance of plot or storyline, using the comic merely an poor excuse to depict a female in as many sexy poses as possible. In contrast, Vampirella has always featured compelling, well-written stories — her sexy trademark costume is a complement to the storyline, not a substitute for one.




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